About Us

The Sickle Cell Foundation Support Group, Inc. was established
in 1997.  
Our mission is dedicated to engage with our global
community in promoting Sickle Cell education to those afflicted
with the disease and their care givers.  
Our vision is to be
committed to total wellness through nutrition and
supplementation for preventive health and management of
Sickle Cell Disease and other hemoglobin disorders.

The Support Group  takes heed to the scripture "in all your
"  in your approach to coping
and controlling the symptoms of Sickle Cell Disease.  Staying
healthy is critical for all person, especially anyone with Sickle Cell
Disease.  Eating well, getting enough rest, protecting yourself
from infections, choosing the right foods and avoiding other
foods and the way we cook our foods are ways to maintain your
health and prevent crises and other complications.  It is
imperative to find ways to control and cope with pain.  Different
techniques work for different people; as well as different drugs
and treatments works differently; and different nutritional
therapy.  We believe it is worth trying complimentary solutions
in maintaining your health. We believe our education and
knowledge can be a source of support along with prayer, family
and friends. 

The Support Group strives to increase the awareness of Sickle
Cell Disease, and the needs of patients and their immediate
family members.  The Support Group addresses the psychosocial
issues in coping with Sickle Cell Disease.  The Support Group
strives to improve the quality of life for those suffering with the

The Support Group helps to educate patients of the current
medical treatments, discuss alternative health care solutions,
prepare patients for the transition stage from pediatric care to
adult care, and encourage health maintenance.  The Support
Group offers family support, pain management, nutritional
management as well as offering special seminars and lectures
for speakers to present information on various health issues
involving Sickle Cell Disease and life coping issues.  Our
nutritional management, knowledge and educational materials
are back by sound nutritional scientific research and up-to-date

The Support Group members consist of individuals living with
Sickle Cell Disease, family, friends, and supporters. The Support
Group offers great networking opportunities to learn from and
share experiences with one another.  Although we live with
challenges and complications from Sickle Cell Disease, our focus
is offering
SOLUTIONS, planning for RESTORATION, and
said "you don't want to hear sad stories or crying about the
condition" or "complaints", so have we and that's why we want
to support you, one another and assist patients to help them
take control!

Monthly Meetings
Held on the Second
Saturday of each month
from 10:00 am to 12:00
noon in downtown

Hospital Visits
If you or your child is
hospitalized and you
want someone to come
pray, minister to you,   
offer positive
encouragement or just
visit, don't hesitate to
call us at (770)
390-4063.  We will be
there for you.

You are the person....

...who has to decide,
whether you'll do it or
toss it aside.

You are the person....

...who makes up your
mind, whether you'll lead
or linger behind.


"Black people in
America have shed
their chains made of
iron in the white
only ballots and yet
have again been
enslaved by new
slave masters in
white coats with
chains of DNA."
                      - Dr.
Joel Wallach, BS,
From Black Gene
Lies Book
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