Phil Oliver Healing Arts Fund

In 2009 the Sickle Cell Support Group of Atlanta, Georgia, sponsored training in the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol.  This protocol utilizes the superficial placement of 5 small pins on the anterior surface of the ear.  The 30 minute treatment has been used both nationally and internationally as a therapeutic tool for people encountering emergent situations, natural disasters ,  personal crisis or distress.

The Phil Oliver Healing Arts Fund was founded in 2011 in order to continue the life legacy of Phil Oliver, Jr..  He dedicated his life’s work to the Sickle Cell Foundation Support Group of Georgia,  and was co-founder and advisor to  the sickle cell foundation support group.  He devoted over 30 years as a leader and educator and spearheaded advocacy for  deepening sickle cell education and knowledge.  He provided a wealth of information regarding improving the quality of life of others, via nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, Eastern, complementary modalities.


 For those who are living with Sickle Cell Disease, or caring for someone who is living with the disease, this holistic treatment modality can be used to prevent sickle cell crisis and may also be used as an intervention as a means of decreasing the severity of the crisis and better equipping the person to utilize his/her own body wisdom.   Essentially this treatment helps patients to deal with all levels of pain by working with the nervous system and decreasing flight/fight responses in the midst of crises.   This decreases the crisis related symptoms and/or the need for narcotics.  As a secondary benefit, those patients who are maintained on narcotics for chronic pain, are able to use this treatment protocol an adjunctive therapy as it assists patients in warding off the side effects of the narcotics; better equipping them with the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to not only cope with chronic pain but also the ability to detoxify from the challenging side effects of narcotics.

Presently, the Sickle Cell Support Group of Atlanta is hosting a weekly drop in clinic for group acupuncture treatment.  We invite you to participate and we also invite you to sign up for the quarterly training that will enable you to take this holistic treatment back to your social/healthcare agencies.  Knowledge is power and the Sickle Cell Support Group of Georgia’s mission is to continue to root and support education and holistic practices in efforts to win the battle against this crisis that ails many across the country. 

Join in the advocacy as we empower others to implement similar programs within their states.  Should you want to assist in our mission, or inquire into how this tool can benefit your agency, please contact us for information and training schedules.  We also welcome your donations to the Phil Oliver Healing Arts Fund.    


   There are 4 components to the Phil Oliver Healing Arts Fund:

·         Training/education

·         Fitness/Physiology

·         Wellness

·         Sickle Cell Support Group


The fund is committed to providing training and education for the NADA 5 needle protocol.  Holistic treatment modalities will also include a variety of fitness protocols as well as nutritional education and supplementation advocacy.  The fund will also host an EAP - Education Assistance Program.  This is a scholarship program to assist clients with Sickle Cell Disease to subsidize the cost of continuing education.  Lastly,  the Healing Arts Fund will have an additional allocation specifically for travel expenses, supplies, and minimum miscellaneous expenses.


As financial partner your donations can be made on line at:

or by mailing your donation directly to:


The Sickle Cell Foundation Support Group, Inc.
P. O. Box #16 Redan, Ga. 30074


You can also feel free to email at


 Remember, applied knowledge is power....partner with us and help those living with sickle cell regain their power today.


Sharon Jennings-Rojas, M.Ac., L.Ac., RT (NADA)
Licensed Acupuncturist
Leading and Serving Communities in Health and Wellness Since 1991
Offices in Owings Mills, Columbia and Silver Spring

Clinical Director 
Restoring and Renewing Military Families
9300 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, MD 20901



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