The Support Group offers is willing to present to the community
about Sickle Cell conditions.  We are able to give you first hand,
how patients feel, the complications with the disease, how you
can help the Support Group and the Foundation and how you
can volunteer your services to make a difference to better our


The Support Group offers health care workshops for individuals,
families and parents with newborns.  The purpose of these
workshops to help guide you in your process of receiving great
health care from health care providers.  It is vitally important
that we keep a positive attitude in dealing with this chronic
illness.  It is easy to become upset and reap negative results, so
we are here to give guidance and advise in working with others
for a positive, healthy relationship amongst all.


The Support Group offers a complete nutritional management
programs for patients who wish to try alternative approaches to
controlling sickle cell disease.  Go to the
Basic 90+ Nutrients
your body needs for more information.

Just to name a few of our services.  Check back at later dates. If
you have a question or concern, don't hesitate to
contact us.


Acu-detox is a protocol developed by Dr.Micheal Smith,  Founder of The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (N.A.D.A)

N.A.D.A. Protocol is the application of (5)thin acupuncture needles to the outer ear area of both ears, that is used to help stress and many other things.

The points offers potential analgesic/relax effect, support immunity and emotions. As a holistic method, each of the point has the potential to open up possibilities on the body, mind and spirit levels.

For more info on Acu-detox visit

Some members of the Sickle Cell Support Group are Certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (A.D.S'es), that can provide this service.

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