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One goal of the Sickle Cell Foundation Support Group, Inc. is to
gather information and referrals for those with the disease to
continue their academic studies.  If you have Sickle Cell Disease,
we encourage you to continue your education!  

We encourage all patients, teens, and anyone planning to go to
college to get involved in school activities, clubs, your church or
place of worship and in your community.  The more you do, the
more your are actively involved in and the more you volunteer
may be a benefit for you to receive some type of funding and/or

The page offers links for
anyone to began planning for college.  

One most major asked question is how do I pay for school?  
There are four basic forms of financial aid you should know:

  1. Grants and Gifts Monies, known as Scholarships, do not
    have to be repaid.
  2. College Work Study Program, allows you to work in a
    job approved by the Financial Aid Office at your school.   
    You may either work on campus or off campus.
  3. Loans, must be repaid.  (If you can avoid it, DO SO.  With
    your health treatments, a loan may be a challenge for
  4. Federal and/or State Loans, must be repaid as online in
    the contract.

Please keep in mind it is your responsibility to find out about
what each school may require.

Listed below are helpful information and websites:

Federal Student Aid Information Center
P. O. Box 84
Washington, DC 20044

Financial Aid:
College Search:

Scholarship Search

The Free Application
for Federal Student
where all students
must file to be
considered for the Title
IV Aid and the HOPE

If you would like to
have just a small clue
of what college will
cost you, visit the free
financial aid need
estimator websites


For Parent(s)/

Students, please make
sure your parent(s)/
guardian(s) are aware
of the tax relief

In 1997, Congress and
President Clinton
enacted the Taxpayer
Relief Act (TRA) as part
of the balanced
budget bill.  Click this
link for information.

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